The following list is based on these factors:
  1. Scale of operation of that threat
  2. Urgency of intervention in that threat
  3. Level of danger to mankind from that threat.
  • Economic Crisis-

Yes, indeed after hearing this term since 19th century and learning about the famous ones like the American Great Depression, the 2008 financial crisis, the European and the Russian economic crisis, the world is witnessing an unstable economic scenario where the jobs are getting cut, unemployment is rising, prices of oil are getting high, labor market is destabilized and the currency is getting weak. The dramatic rise of the Chinese influence over the markets has also created a problem in the international scenario. The ever growing population in China that too of retirees supported by a wincing working population coupled with the environmental problem in Beijing and the construction of China’s first home built carrier.Countries like India, Brazil, Japan are fighting hard to survive this hit of recession and unemployment. Reserve Bank of India’s Governor Raghuram Rajan has called for serious reforms in the Indian Banking sector. UK is considering on pushing its interest rate on lower side. Japanese government is planning on increasing the sales tax. While the USA, China, EU are improving their monetary policy.The problem with the international economic crisis has been that the time we are still recovering ourselves from the previous economic breakdown a new one suddenly hits us. And as the Mervyn King (former Bank of England Governor) says “without reforms in the banking sector, new financial crisis is certain”. You all believe it or not, this international economic crisis needs an integrated response from all the nations otherwise this if, it hits, we won’t be able to survive and stand again.ISIS-Execution

  • ISIS-

Yes,Yes! I know you all were prepared for this point. Today almost a five year old kid is aware of what ISIS is: a gang of bad people who chops people head off (my 11 year old brother). Since 1999 till present the chart of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has grown like a wild fire. Today, it includes Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libiya and Nigeria and now slowly spreading its branches in Asia as well as Siberia. Moreover, the barbaric Boko Haram terrorist organization and Islamic movement of Uzbekistan have also declared their allegiance to the ISIS. The problem of worldwide recruitments, illegal funding and brutal violations of the human rights have created a chaotic movement over the whole globe. The Paris Attacks, Charlie Hebdo Attack, California Shooting case have injected an environment of fear and threat. The aerial bombing movement initiated by the western states has not been able to inflict much damage and as a result the ‘danger’ is real and yes its growing at a very rapid rate.MTMxODkyODI3MDM3NjgxNjc0

  • Environmental Problems or Climate Change-

With the Paris Climate Change meet coming to an end on 12 December 2015 and Leonardo Di Caprio discussing the importance of climate change in its maiden Oscar speech; one thing is crystal clear that climate today is the worst enemy of the mankind. With Beijing being almost getting choked in the poisonous smoke, India’s capital New Delhi witnessing a significant growth in the pollution rate, and Brazil facing a major risk of Zika virus, the international society is facing a tragedy of growing ravaged Earth which is grafting its wrath on the innocents. The population explosion, spreading of biological and viral infections like Zika and Ebola, over fishing, over exploitation, oil spills and over drilling has placed the environment at a much compromised situation. We all have to understand the gravity of this situation and act accordingly. Before investing millions to develop life in other lonely planets, initiatives should be made to encourage the development of green and eco-friendly technologies and stop the over utilization of the resources on this planet only.356630_600

  • Oil Scarcity- can argue with me the relativity between the economic crisis and the oil scarcity but, I will prefer to make it a separate point. With the history of several ups and downs, today the oil industry is facing the deepest downfall in its prices. The major cause which everyone knows is the dropping price of a barrel of oil, which has fallen more than 70% since June 2014. Economists also opined that the return of the Iran to the international oil industry after the sanctions has been a contributing factor to the ongoing crisis too. The avoidance to the growing prices by the OPEC and their uninterested intention to interfere has also added to this mounting crunch. The most fascinating point about studying the oil economics is simple demand and supply, yet it is difficult to comprehend.Over the last several years the USA has doubled its domestic oil production.  Russians after facing severe economic crisis are still running in the market. Saudi and Nigerian producers have shifted their competition axis towards the Asian market. Also with the energy being improved and environmental concerns rising, the global demand has also minimized over a period of time.

  • European Migrant Crisis-

Almost every Balkan nation closing their borders, the number of migrants is tolling in the temporary camps. Greece which is struggling with arrival of on-shore migrants is not comfortable anymore and has accused Europe of not acknowledging their economic situation and still leaving them alone to handle the crisis. The leaders have failed to relocate the migrants and European Union has collectively failed to manage the crisis. According to UN, alone in 2015, millions of migrants have arrived in search of peace and stable life. With EU making the agreements with the Turkey in exchange of loosening visa restrictions and restarting membership talks, it includes number of controversial elements which are being ignored for a “bigger good or cause”. Not only this, frequent deaths in order to enter the borders illegally, food crisis and human rights violations have presented a heart sickening picture of life of mankind on this planet.(P.S.- The list is not according to the chronological order rather it is random based on the above factors)Author: Rishabh Shrivastava, Founder and Editor-in-ChiefAuthor can be reached at: