Hello friends, finally I am back with something new and entertaining. The Analysis for a long time was stuck with some issues which we finally cleared and here we are in ‘new avatar’. I know many of our friends were complaining to us that, why there are no new updates on our facebook page and we are literally ‘hibernating’, so I think, this post will bring a smile on their face. 
Well, today when world is facing enormous and treacherous threats, the analysis is trying to figure out a way from where a new era can be started or a new thought process can be initiated. In the time where the social media is influencing the major corridors of our society, ISIS is growing like a virus, Climate Change is charging its wrath upon our planet and India is fighting with ‘intolerance’, my initiative stands as a very small platform to review these events.I and Jinendra (co-founder of analysis) often get encountered with this question, when we go to discussions or seminars, that “What are we actually doing? Do our writings implicate something? Are we really succeeding in our objective?” So to be frank with you all, I till date does not have answer for all these sizzlers, but yeah when we evaluate our work up till now, we feel motivated and our brains start working out with new ideas. As a result, when we decided to shift our modus operandifrom a proper website to ‘WordPress’ blog, the only thinking was- no matter how many obstacles fall in our way, we won’t shut it down. So when we were short of funds, team members were not able to coordinate, technical problems were falling on us; we took some time to settle ourselves and then finally come up with something which gave us a massive boost to our idea.Presently, I don’t care that whether now we are working on a blog or on a website, my objective remains the same, my dedication level remains the same, and above all our values remains committed. Also, this time Analysis will be more regular and crisp in its ‘analysis’. We will be coming up with more ideas and concepts. We will be giving more opportunities for the people to engage with.Our updating pattern will be new, our authors will be changed, our writing area will be diversified, new and different ideas will be appearing on our platform. The motive behind all this is to never give up the idea which I saw before stating the analysis. My way of working can be different, my notions can be altered but my objectives and goals remains the same.“Spirit of the free world”, the tagline of analysis says a lot; in today’s complex societal arrangement we need an avenue or we need a platform where we can hold our opinions, where we can fight for our rights, where we can stop what is wrong and advocate what is right, where we can be true to ourselves and our society, where we can reduce (I won’t mention finish) the income inequality, where we can respect our women, where we take out some time to mourn for the death of our brave soldiers, where we can stop exploiting our environment, where we can stop fabricating with the public opinion and where we can uphold the spirit of justice and morality.Today, I don’t know whether I or my initiative can do that completely or partially but yeah I am not afraid to take step and raise my voice. The Analysis never did fall short of the love and support from the readers and as a result, will continue to be the trendsetter. This time it will be in a more fashionable and remarkable manner.Till than continue to analyze and criticize and chill out ‘with’ our blog..!!Author: Rishabh Shrivastava, Founder & Editor in Chief- The AnalysisYou can reach author at: eic.analysis@gmail.com