Expression, perception, appreciation, criticism and interminable elbow grease are some of the words that can define my association with the Analysis. I still remember the day when Rishabh (founder of analysis) called me and asked me to be a part of the analysis. My writing skills was not marvelous enough to write an article, which will be subjected to a large number of people, but then I thought that we human being are the brew of mistakes and errors. Keeping the confusion aside, I replied positively. I still remember that I wrote my first article on e-commerce laws and finally with innumerable edits I got it published in the so called our student’s magazine, The Analysis.

I don’t know whether in all these days of Analysis what people have learnt from it, but I know one reader who has experienced a positive and conclusive change in his thinking and approach towards life. Surprisingly, that reader is none other than me. We have tried our best to provide our readers a perfect and exhaustive perception on key issues. Sometimes our readers appreciate, whereas many times we had seen people saying “Kuch bhi post kardete hai website mein” (they post anything on website) and such bitter moments  made us more and  more strong and we can proudly say the in the short span of time we managed 300+ Articles, case laws analysis and Interviews. We also managed to collaborate with premier events that took place for the student community.

It’s often said that life is full of ups and downs and I think that’s what analysis experienced. We really felt short of funds. We applied many places for funding options but we didn’t succeed. Technical support and website maintenance was another problem which we failed to tackle. Since last one year we were incurring the expenses for analysis from our own pockets. So we feel proud that we did something which has given us a lot of reasons to walk with pride and confidence.

Many people believe that they don’t have what it takes to make a difference to the world. They believe only people like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and the likes, are capable of making a difference. The truth is every one of us is put in this world to contribute and make a difference to the world in our own unique way. It need not be anything out of the world. It just needs to be something you do with the intention of ‘doing good’. Over the course of my life, I’ve embraced a number of different hobbies: travelling, reading, video games, tennis, art, just to name a few. But none of them have changed my life or brought me as much satisfaction as writing did. In almost too many ways to count, it has changed me and the way I live my life.

So once again with our positive attitude and something different we present the new version, which is better, more interactive and more knowledgeable – . I believe that we don’t need to blog as a means to get rich or as a means to gather a huge following. We don’t even need to blog as a means to change the Internet… the change that a blog will cause in our life is reason enough.

Author: Jinendra Parakh, Executive Editor for the Analysis

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