Dr. Daiseku Ikeda, the current president of Soka Gakkai International, gives a clear view of the thousand year old philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin philosophy of life.

This philosophy of humanity or the lotus sutra was buried in the wells of life until a teacher named Josei Toda in then the war troubled country of japan took the philosophy of life seriously, and brought it to the public domain.

In the land which was hit by a devastating war and claimed several lives it was a time for them to rise not only as individuals but also as a country.

Josei Toda with his disciple; the then young Daiseku took the battle of ‘kosen rufu’(world peace) in his hands and from the organization of 40 pupils, which became one of the largest NGO (non-governmental organization) of japan

Now if we talk about the socio political scenario of japan in terms of student activism Kumei party which portrays the principles of Nichiren Daishonin philosophy and tries to propagate the same in the society. As we all know the student activism in the land of Japan came into existence after the late 80’s. Since then the Kumei party has been of the largest student organization in Japan.

The student union elections in Japan have always been seen with critical eyes .The critics question, “Are the principles set by Nichiren Daishonin so impactful , even today? “NICHERININ SOSHU WHO TRIED TO DEMEEN THE SOKA GAKKAI COULDN’T SUCCEEED” is it a question on his capability, credibility and his managerial skills

Much talked student union elections of Tokyo University saw a complete contrast as all the political analysts were wonderstruck with the largest university in the country of Japan becoming a spectator of rise of a third front.

Rise of third front was a major setback for the existing whales as now a new and dangerous whale had entered the sea. Kumei party was strengthening the hands from the local college elections to the university senate. It was not a good sight for the big and faster whales. The question arises where they were lacking

The critics who studied the scenario very closely comment on the same that the; lack of proper organizational structure which was one of the biggest reasons for the downfall of the sharper ones. The law of anti-incumbency was also one factor that worked in favor of the new bee.

Joseph Bernard classifies it as “a total organizational failure”

I can compare the rise of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to the rise of Kumei party, the search for a third front in India. It led to such a sweep of the newly born fish.

My analysis of the entire scenario and the feedback that I would like to give would be:

(1)Socio political dynamics have to be very well studied, and targeting the right kinds should be on the priority to stop such a cyclonic victory

(2) If we see it I a bigger prospect this not only effect the society in a adverse way but tends to get in the least deserving in the picture

(3)People winning may not be that capable and that effective .in the political language it is called a “windfall” victory

We cannot change the view of what the people want but we can take some measurable steps to predict and take corrective steps to avoid and lessen the effect of the wave

(The views expressed above are the personal views of the author)

Author: Mritunjay Tripathi

You may reach author at: mritunjaytripathi8@gmail.com