This is not another aspect of the story but rather the actual chain of events that happened in Ramjas when a controversial student of JNU who is also under trial for sedition in the Delhi high court was invited by a society dominated by certain ideology members in the college premises on 21st February. The independent elected president of the students’ union body, on popular demand of the students, raised the issue in front of the principal, which ultimately led to the denial of Khalid ji’s entry. This is not that unusual as one can recall that during the Delhi elections, Kiran Bedi was also sent back from the gates of SRCC as she was the CM candidate in Delhi and objections were raised and the college didn’t want to politicize the atmosphere.

But I think a certain group could not swallow this and distress was felt in the environment. Adding to this came a Facebook update from Umar khalid’s account stating:

“I am supposed to speak in ramjas today……abvp goons with hockeys at the gate…..police is denying protection…azadi”

which triggered the students that he might sneak in and the event would happen. This is when Yogit Rathi (President, Ramjas) spoke to one of the ABVP campus member and asked for ABVP’s and DUSU’s help. 15-20 ABVP karyakarta’s and DUSU office bearers joined the the protest of students and demanded cancellation of the event. The police acted firmly by not allowing them down the hall and using force upon us to avoid any clashes. Anyway bearing all brutality when little of us were still left, we were thanked with middle fingers and fancy abuses by the people coming out of the hall. This still ended with speeches from our side condemning the event.

Now having narrated the whole event, what amazed us were the out of the world rumors which flooded the campus in evening like sec 144 being imposed, ABVP raiding hostels to beat leftists, police providing transportation to ABVP to go and beat up people in JNU and what not. Before any of us could have laughed it off we realized the conviction in their lies were affecting students which pushed us on defensive ground without reason. To add to it we saw that AISA called for a march open to all DU and especially JNU students at the same time when we had planned ours to file an FIR for their Kashmir & bastar azadi chants which they had shouted in the campus the same day.

What happened on the next day is sad as both the sides got hurt and things got ugly and we definitely believe violence can never be a solution but its very practical to imagine that the rift was from both sides and there is enough evidence showing aggression equally from both sides. Without getting into much debate about who provoked whom and who is to blame more (despite it being convenient)

The police could have handled better but at times we students also don’t leave them with many choices.

But that brings a thought to my mind why did even ABVP karyakartas have to get such bashing and in fact they had to get maltreated? Why was Umar Khalid invited in the first place? Are we really falling short of intellectuals in our country? I suppose Leftists also had some good minds so then why? And there is just a simple answer to this that this was nothing more than pushing the propaganda and satisfying political ambitions. They could think of no better way to bring vanishing name of Umar Khalid again into lime light and obviously get a job for AISA in DU. But the sad part is this all happened on the cost of normal students of the university and they stooped so low to achieve their goals that it brought a disgrace to campus like JNU. But I am happy students are retaliating to this and no one is ready to give up DU as JNU.

We ABVP karyakartas know we are no bearers of nationalist activities but at the same time are these leftists the bearers of anti- national activities?

(TA has applied for comments with AISA. No reply till now has been received)

Author: Aishwarya Sehrawat, Faculty Of Law