Bhopal has been the breeding ground for different types of talent. The vibrant and energetic youth has made Bhopal proud at various forums over a period of time. From music to technology, the Bhopali youths have proved that they are the real “soormas” of this beautiful city.

Being the foremost mouthpiece for the youth, TA brings stories of some of the special and talented youth of the city.

Manohar Rao:-14568117_10207223529377113_2173995214933462322_n

A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sailor to take us across rough sea, but a guiding light which shows us the way thorough out our life. Manohar Rao is one such sailor in the sea of music who is influenced and guided by his father. Son of a renowned classical artist, Manohar grew up in a musical ambience with an appetite for music.

He commenced his journey as a live performer who mastered the skill of Indian classical music, coached by his father. The turning point in his life was when he suggested his father to set up a home studio for all his recording work. The studio was solely meant to be used for their personal benefit. Manohar’s father agreed upon providing him the necessities for the studio as he was well acquainted with the fact that art is a swamp, you just keep slipping inside. The basic idea was that if Manohar excelled, he would be capable enough to invest and expand his own studio.

There Manohar Rao initiated his little venture with a laptop and a soundcard. Gradually recordings were done for other people and projects as well and this way his studio boomed.

On his self-made journey Manohar has added many feathers to his cap like national awards in the performing field, post-graduation in Tabla, the Taalshree award, the Peoples award and many more. But what he considers the most is the appreciation he avails for his work.

As far as his current projects are concerned, Manohar will be seen giving music to a south based movie and several other projects as well. Manohar Rao has successfully planted the seed of melody in hearts of people through his Soundplant Studio.

FB_IMG_1496673020749Vaishali Raikwar:-

Coming from musical backdrop, Vaishali Raikwar aspires of becoming a renowned playback singer. Blessed by her father’s melodious genes, Vaishali commenced her journey by performing on stage at an age of 3. Since then she has been unstoppable. From performing local level events to rocking the stage of celebrated television reality shows like Saregamapa Lil Champs and Indian Idol, she has been appreciated at every stage.

The chapter of appearing in front of an awe-inspiring jury consisting of singers like Sonu Nigam and Suresh Wadekar is still fresh in Vaishali’s mind. Being the youngest contest on the show, she was referred to as ‘Chimni’ by Mr. Wadekar meaning a little bird. As chirpy and melodious as a bird, Vaishali added another feather on her cap when she performed on the stage of Indian Idol 9.

Talking of Chimni’s achievements, the little bird has soared high and proudly holds a record of winning several state level competitions. The phase of recognition does not end here, Vaishali has been honored by Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Mr. Krishna Gour by cash prizes up to 50,000 and 35,000 respectively. Till date she has done almost 15,000 shows in India as well as abroad.

Presently, Vaishali is giving her voice for an album for Patanjali and is working with Aastha Bhakti channel which goes hand in hand with her personal albums and various stage shows. Vaishali’s artistry and dulcet voice would surely do her magnificent wonders.

harsh-songraHarsh Songra:-

Every cloud has a silver lining and Harsh Songra, the founder of My Child App and successfully flew past the dark clouds in his life.

His story started when he suffered from dyspraxia while he was young. His developmental disorder came on more like a boon than a bane when he realized that computers are more faithful friends for playing with a differently abled child in our country.

At an age of 10, Harsh started to learn coding with BASIC and by the age of 11 he was done with C and C++. Things got to steam up and he learnt static web development all by his own by the age of 13. Java crossed his path at an age of 14 and under the guidance of Neeraj Alia he stepped into the world of android. His first app came out when he was 15 which was a VAT calculator for his father and after that he started working the My Child App.

He recalls being talked about by Sheryl Sandberg as the most defining moment of his life. Talking about his current ventures he is working on his app that uses artificial intelligence to track a child’s growth. He also has an awareness platform called ‘We, Included’ that helps people understand the world of differently abled community and healthcare through data, information and stories.

A gifted youth like Harsh Songra believes in changing the perception of the world about the differently abled community with the help of technology.

image3Aditya Kulshreshta:-

It is said that humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain. Also, it is believed that laughter is the best medicine. So, does that make Aditya Kulshreshta a comedian, a genius or a doctor?

Bhopal’s first stand up comedian Aditya Kulshrestha stepped into the world of comedy because of his childhood interest in the field. From the days of ‘Great Indian Laughter Challenge’, Aditya has been influenced and inspired by Mr. Raju Shrivastava. His journey began by copying his acts and performing them in schools, colleges and other family gatherings and entertaining people. The turning point in Aditya’s life was when the first open mic happened in Bhopal on June 5, 2016. This gave him a platform to showcase his talent and since then he has been making people laugh.

Talking of the hurdles in his journey, “making people laugh is the hardest thing to accomplish” he told to TA. Initially in open mics he was criticized and he had to explain his jokes due to which their humor lost its gravity. But it did not stop him and Aditya excelled into becoming city’s first comedian.

Aditya has opened in Biswa Kalyan’s concert as well as Javed Ali’s concert. Apart from that he has done 20-25 solo shows and the count goes on increasing. Talking of Zakir Khan, he hasn’t opened him yet but shares a close bond with the comedian.

As far as his future prospects are concerned he’ll be seen devoting more time to his standups as perfection feeds on time. Aditya with his chuckle some and comic attitude would soon set a mark in the field of comedy.

(All these stories have been collected through an exclusive talk with TA)

Authors: Robin Koshy and Aradhana Bose

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