Just as entrepreneurs change the face of business, social entrepreneurs act as the change agents for society, seizing opportunities others miss and improving systems, inventing new approaches, and creating solutions to change society for the better. While a business entrepreneur might create entirely new industries, a social entrepreneur comes up with new solutions to social problems and then implements them on a large scale.

Bhopal is blessed with youth which aspires to bring about a change.

Social entrepreneurs drive social innovation and transformation in various fields including education, health, environment and enterprise development. They pursue poverty alleviation goals with entrepreneurial zeal, business methods and the courage to innovate and overcome traditional practices.

Youth Towards Socialism (YTS):-


One such group is Youth Towards Socialism (YTS).

Food wastage has been an under-reported matter in our country. Food wastage is fast assuming serious dimensions. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), a staggering 1.3 billion tonnes of food is being wasted annually. The FAO report further states that one-third of the total global food production is wasted, costing the world economy about $750 billion or Rs47 lakh crore.

This alarming increase in food wastage is generating nearly 3.3 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, thereby severely impacting the environment. The wastage of rice in particular has serious ramifications for the environment as decaying rice releases methane, a potent global warming gas.

Their story started when one of the founder members noticed a man eating raw flesh of a dog from garbage and realized the extent of starvation in the city. They then started to put things together and fight against hunger and malnutrition at city level. They are among the 10 most active groups in Bhopal.

“Seva Kitchen” is one of the major projects of YTS. Through Seva Kitchen, the team members of YTS prepare fresh meals for the slum dwellers and beggars of the city. Once the food packets are ready, the teams starts delivering these food packets to different locations. YTS is also working on Child Labor Awareness Programme.

They got felicitation from Dr. APJ Kalam Azad Society.

Talking about their future plans, they are targeting for the hunger eradication. Also, they are planning to have refrigerated trucks so that food could be stored up to three days and they could increase their reach. YTS is on the footsteps of emerging as a prominent social entrepreneurship model in the city.

The Optimist Citizen:-


Another such story is that of Optimist Citizen. Inspired by his social worker parents, Piyush Ghosh stepped into the field of social entrepreneurship at an early age of 19.

Given the fact that both his parents were full time social entrepreneurs, he had the opportunity to meet and interact with some amazing people around the globe doing some incredible work.

He initiated his entrepreneurial journey with his friend Tuhin Sen. They established The Optimist Citizen in 2014 to bring about a positive revolution in media.

Every day when you wake up in a good mood, watching the rising sun, hearing birds chirping and sipping the first tea, the bliss suddenly seems to break, with the sight of a newspaper. The colourful details of killings, rapes, murders, suicide, bombing, etc turn the hopeful morning, into a day of hopelessness and fear. Through Optimist Citizen Piyush and his team is trying to bring readers positive news, demonstrating the best of humankind, even in difficult and tragic situations.

Being an Ashoka Youth Venture and Changelooms Fellow, Piyush recalls founding The Optimist Citizen along with Tuhin as the most defining moment of his life.

His laurels do not end there. Apart from winning the Manthan Awards South Asia Pacific for being the youngest startup, he was also selected to represent India at the Changemaker Xchange Aisa Summit held in Singapore.

The Optimist Citizen’ is India’s first Purely Positive Newspaper presenting only Positive News and Optimistic Stories from around the world ranging from inspiring stories, to stories of unsung heroes, good governance, achievements, acts of courage, and everything that can create optimism and bring back hope in society. It is a newspaper that chooses to bury all the bad and negative news, by bringing out positive stories from around the globe, to show that there is more good happening than bad. “The Optimist Citizen” is neither an investment by a big firm nor a sister paper of some leading daily, but is an outcome of frustration of youth channelizing their energies in the right direction.

Piyush aspires to achieve a 360 degree model of positive news and be one stop center for positive news in the world. With the sanguine attitude of his, he would soon be a prominent figure in this ‘positive’ revolution.

Team TA wishes both of them good luck with their ventures and hope that they set up the best examples of social entrepreneurship.

Author: Robin Koshy and Aradhana Bose

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(Robin Koshy is the Vice-President of the Hari-Kamal Foundation for Policy Research. Aradhana is also a volunteer with Hari-Kamal Foundation for Policy Research).

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