In a recent move, the NDA coalition has been successful in playing the mind game with opposition while they nominated Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, recently also the Governor of Bihar and were successful enough to make him the 14th President of India.  Winning it big against opposition candidate Meira Kumar in the current Presidential elections, Kovind, 71 will take oath as the President of India soon.

Bornin 1945 in UP’s Kanpur Dehat district, he came from a decent background and worked hard on his own to pull himself as the top leader of the nation. Married in the year 1974, he is an advocate by profession. He had earlier graduated in B.Com and LL.B. from the renowned Kanpur University.

Served as the Central Government’s advocate in the Delhi HC from 1977-79, as well as standing counsel in SC from 1980-93. An advocate at record at SC in 1978, continued his practice till 1983. He further served two terms in Rajya Sabha during 1994-2000 and 2000-2006. Honoured with the job of being the national spokesperson for the country for the BJP, he is also a distinguished statesman and orator.

Sworn as 36th Governor of Bihar in 2015, replaced WB Governor as additional charge when he was unavailable. A total of 16 years association with the Bar, he is on the management Board of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Lucknow as well as Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata. He has since then been known as the crusader for the rights and cause of weaker sections of the society especially the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, OBC etc.

Old photo of Kovind and Modi, tweeted by Modi himself.

Since he was a student at the college. He had joined the movement of Scheduled Castes and Tribes against the Central Government in 1997 itself when the Central Government was completely against it. He has also represented India in the UN and addressed the UN General Assembly in October 2002. As an MP, he has visited many countries across the world such as UK, USA, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Germany, Pakistan and Nepal.

As an MP, Kovind has from the start of his career emphasized on the development of basic infrastructure for education in rural areas and helped in construction of school buildings under the MPLAD scheme. After K R Narayanan, he would be the 2nd Dalit President of the Nation. During his stint as the Governor of Bihar, he conducted a series of judicial commissions to look into the corrupt practices entering the educational system, such as personal favours during admissions, promotions of undeserving teachers and funds being grossly mismanaged.

During most of his political career he has been away from the controversies, barring one in 2010 when he said that Islam and Christianity were Alien to India. He had made the statement in reference to the Ranganath Misra Commission which recommended 15% reservation for religious and linguistic minorities in govt. Jobs.

Though it was very difficult for the Modi-Shah duo to play the Kovind card, as names rounding from Lal Krishna Advani to E Sreedharan to Draupadi Murmu were across their heads. The better the image of the candidate was, the better it got for BJP. At a time when the opposition was attacking the government for leading anti-Dalit movements and suppressing the weaker sections of the society, the Modi-Shah duo has played their masterstroke in nominating him.

He has won by a majority of 65.65 % of the votes against Meira Kumar, getting the majority amongst his votes from his native state undoubtedly.


He said recently, “My election as President of India is to represent all such Kovinds toiling away to make a living”. In conclusion to this statement, it is being believed by political analysts that all those communities whom he referred to directly will be looked upon and a change would be brought upon drastically.

BJP supremo Amit Shah has also said in a statement congratulating him that BJP feels very proud to select him as a president, because it was for the very first time that they had the power to choose a President and that all such communities will be directly benefitted upon his becoming the President of India.

Kovind in a recent statement has said that ,  “I had never dreamt of becoming the President nor held it as a goal for my public life.” He made the statement as he now moves forward to Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Author: Abhishek Naharia

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Abhishek is pursuing law from RGNUL, Patiala. He is a campus representative as well as content writer for TA.