The artists Beenu Garg, Madhu Agrawal and Ananya Garg have displayed as many as 62 works which depicts different moods of women by using bright colours. Last month, they are organized their own painting exhibition, ‘Udaan’ in Bhopal.

Inheriting the knack of painting and art from her brother, Beenu Garg mastered her first sketch at an age of just 13 years. She believes that women are an important aspect of our being and hence her paintings are generally subjected towards women empowermet.

She loves working on women, because she thinks being a woman she can understand the women in a better way! She loves to do landscape painting. She has also painted portrait of her daughter Ananya Garg. Blessed with her genes is Ananya Garg, her daughter who started her painting journey at an early age of 7 years.

Another female painter from the same generation is Madhu Agrawal, Beenu’s niece, who is known to have done various group shows and is famous for her 3D art form and paintings on bottles. Madhu adorns the canvas with the portraits and has majorly used vibrant colours.

Where her daughter has mastered the modern art of shapes and 3D geometric forms, Beenu’s interest lies in painting figures and emotions. Ananya is inspired to paint just because of her mother.

There is a unique process of how she paints. Ananya shares, “I first read the novels or watch a movie; inspired by any scene or character, I paint the canvas.” Devoted to the field of painting since 8 years, Beenu Garg has added many feathers to her cap and Madhu and Ananya are left no behind in achieving laurels.

These ladies work their paintings with different substances which makes them stand out. Where Madhu chooses bottles, Ananya uses novel pages on canvas and Beenu goes for jeans and m-seals on canvas.

Currently the three proudly displayed their masterpieces at their art exhibition ‘Udaan’ held in Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal. Artists have displayed figurative and abstract art before the visitors. Keeping the realism as the main criteria the artists have prepared their creations. Talking about their future plans, the artists insist upon taking some time off and coming up with a fresh art form. Bigger and better!

Soon they’ll be seen enlightening kids who cannot afford to avail these facilities of art forms and they wish to change at least one life. The three women painters from the same generation propel the wheel of women empowerment in their own artistic ways.

Author: Sanya Acharya

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Sanya Acharya is a content writer with TA.