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The Analysis (TA) is an online independent Research and Writing (RaW) portal which is maintained by Hari-Kamal Foundation for Policy Research.

TA is a digital platform which provides analytical perspectives on current issues. TA keeps its platform updated through regular articles, commentaries, opinions on various local and global issues. TA is initiated by two law students.

TA provides a unique forum which emphasize on intellectual exchange of ideas between the academicians, researchers, policy makers, political activists, leaders from non-governmental organizations on the issues of national and international importance. It focuses on providing an integrated platform for meaningful debates and discussions.

TA is solely devoted to gain the audience trust. It is unbiased, rational, secular, and pro-democratic in nature. It concentrates on people and their issues. The Analysis works with the aim of creating impact on decision making at regional and national levels.

The right to re-publication remains secured with “The Analysis”. So for republishing any article, report or any other part thereof, prior permission from “The Analysis” shall be obtained.